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Welcome to the future of heating

Warmth made by nature mother. Cosy home with super-temporal materials. Energy saving heating system. Inspire yourselves with various possibilities of shapes and find that heating radiators need not always be white and ugly and the air in a room need not be dry in winter, and that the marble is more suitable than you have ever imagined.

Our motto: We cannot influence electrical energy, but we can influence its consumption!!!

- annual costs of heating lower than electric heating by up to 50%

- annual costs of heating lower than gas heating by up to 20%

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  1. Service life - 50 years.
  2. In comparison to gas zero cost of maintenance (savings 900 000 CZK minimally).
  3. A new electrical installation is not necessary.
  4. Can be combined with all possible heating systems
  5. Fast and easy mounting, no construction work.
  6. It need not be placed below the window (anywhere in a room including the ceiling).
  7. Heating uses the same principles as the tile stove, partially accumulative.
  8. Stone heats in any construction - plasterboard, wood, brick, stone.
  9. It dehumidifies the walls.
  10. It does not create any dust.
  11. It keeps the 52-58% humidity in the room.
  12. Temperature in each room is controllable.
  13. It is possible to make a size and shape of the broad-stone according to your request.
  14. When moving it is possible to take it easily with you.
  15. Low investment costs.
  16. Environmentally friendly.
  17. Suitable for allergic people.
  18. Guarantee - 5 years.
hl_str_img (27K) Welcome to the future of the room heating!


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